For over 30 years, Pete Willcox starred on stages around the world as the worlds premier Elvis Presley tribute act; and, for over two decades, reigned as America’s TV Elvis for his myriad appearances on dozens of major network television shows.

Since then, in a natural transition, Pete developed his current act using his uncanny ability for vocal mimicry to recreate the voices and personalities of over a hundred major stars, highlighting his incredible singing impressions.


Pete performed his Elvis tribute act on the stages of  Caesar’s Palace, The Hilton, Sahara . . . from Las Vegas to London and Paris.

He is the voice of Elvis on Happy Days. When Fonzie hits the jukebox and Elvis sings, it’s Pete’s voice.  It even fooled Elvis, who asked, “Am I gettin’ paid for that?” His appearance on the 80’s disco hit “Jive Bunny” helped it sell over 8,000,000 copies worldwide.        He is the longest running Elvis tribute in the industry.


Among the many TV show Pete appeared on were: Cheers, Alf, Designing Women, Full House, LA Law, E.R, Murphy Brown, Renegade, Hogan Family, Charles In Charge, and Touched By An Angel. 

The stars Pete pays tribute to in his stage act include: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Christoper Walken, Clint Eastwood, and Jack Nicholson. Some of his singing stars are Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan.



Nuthin’ But The King” is a show that follows the amazing career of Elvis from the early Sun Records years through the 70s.

” Pete Willcox and Friends” includes tributes to The Rat Pack, Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Bruce Springsteen.

The “Golden Oldies” show celebrates the Golden Age of Rock with everything from Elvis to”Doo Wop”,  Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly,  Richie Valens, Pat Boone, Johnny Mathis, Jerry Lee, Dion, Soul,  R n B, The Twist, The Beatles . . . you name it . 

“The World’s Greatest Elvis Impersonator”is a show or segment that actually has Elvis doing impressions of his favorite singers…  This fun character can be added to an ongoing show or event you have already planned. There is no stone left unturned.

If The Rat Pack is your favorite, Pete has a show dedicated  to Frank, Dean, and Sammy, with Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, and Perry  Como thrown in just for fun.

And don’t forget “HIP HOP ELVIS” is always waiting in the wings !

Christmas . . . You bet !                                                                                                     He brings you the music of Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Dino, Johnny Mathis & Elvis . . . and a special reading of  “The Night Before Christmas”, with 25 stars, from Robert De Niro to Jimmy Stewart and George Burns .  Happy Holidays !  

Want a slightly edgier rock show? . . . no problem.                                          How ’bout ?    Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison,        The Everly Brothers, and Rick Nelson . . . we’ll throw in Bill Haley for good measure . . . We call it . . .

 “Elvis and The Oldies”

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